Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Soup

In February it will be
My snowman’s anniversary
With cake for him and soup for me!
Happy once, Happy twice.
Happy chicken soup with rice.

--Maurice Sendak

We’ve been experiencing Indian Spring these past few days. Nice walking weather. But if Punxsutawney Phil is to be believed, and how can that sweet faced fellow deceive us?, winter is not over yet.

With puffs of cold air skittering across the floor this morning and wind wailing through the trees, today is perfect for a warming supper. Happy juxtaposition. The bits and pieces container in the freezer is crammed full, so it’s time to act. What kind of concoction can I whip up from a couple tablespoons of corn, leftover gravy, a bit of shredded cabbage, some ground beef crumble, vegetable liquid? Pretty bor-ing. Hmm. I’ll add more liquid, some chicken bits, slivered red pepper and broccoli for color, heat it through with a dash of garlic and basil, and bake some crusty Cuban bread on the side. That’s the ticket. Fuss free. Warming. Three cheers for soup!


  1. I <3 soup...could eat it everyday, even in July!! Your soup creation sounds delish!! I must get more creative!!

    Angie (aka-eyrehead)