Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Super Saver’s Dirty Little Secrets

Everyone knows someone who’s always late for an event. They have good excuses. “I’m sorry, the tire fell off my car.” or “I forgot to feed the cat.” Non-savers are the same, there’s always a reason why they’re fishing quarters from under the sofa cushions before payday. “My kids gag when I serve leftovers, so I had to order pizza.” or “This was a once in a lifetime trip to Monte Carlo.”

Well, get over it! Buck up! The most efficient way to tackle it is head on. Make it a game if that helps. Remember when you used to hold your breath underwater? Like that. See how long you can go without buying something. I double dog dare ya!

1) Take an axe to your budget, separate needs and wants. Be honest now. A car may be necessary for work, but a brand new Buick sedan? Not.

2) Plan for contingencies. Allow yourself breathing room in the areas of time and money. Set up a cushion fund, and only tap into it when the situation is dire.

3) Give every dollar a job. Tell it where to go. Be a grownup. You’re the Big Boss now.

4) Squirrel away windfalls. Anytime a little extra comes your way, birthday money, a long lost rebate check, a quarter on the street, put it into a special fund. And no peeking!

5) Do the old dieter’s trick. Plan your splurges. Savor that warm cookie, let those chocolate chips melt and buttery morsels crumble on your tongue. But don’t say, “If one is good, ten is better.”

6) Take the long view. There will be glitches, but get back in the ring and keep punching.

So there you have it. The not so secret secrets. "Live long and prosper."

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