Friday, February 11, 2011

How to Use “Spoiled” Food

Just passing a catchy blog question on to you from "Tip Hero". What do you think? Here's my list.

1) Hairy fruits and veggies go to the compost heap. We considered one particularly impressive orange mass for show and tell once, but transportation issues came into play.

2) Slice mold off cheese. If it's truly spoiled, chuck it. Budding Flemmings may want to grow it in a Petrie dish. As a parent, that's your call.

3) Use soured milk in baked goods. Oddly colored milk, no.

4) Puree mushy fruit to enhance smoothies, cakes and muffins. Avoid, "euw that's gross", by tucking them in when the kids aren't looking.

5) Whirl dry bread in the blender. Add crumbs to homemade granola, as extenders in meatloaf and meatballs, or mix with melted butter as a casserole topping. This "salvage" is well tolerated by all.

6) Cut up or trim limp carrots, potatoes, fresh herbs and celery and dump them in ice water to revitalize them. If the container is in the fridge, be sure it is tip proof.

7) Cook soup from mushy vegetables. Pureed vegetables improve muffin batter and tomato sauce. Same caution as 4.

8) Toss spoiled, not freezer burnt, meats. Food poisoning has no redeeming value.

9) Cook freshly cracked eggs right away. Since egg albumin is used as a culture medium, don't chance questionable ones.

10) It is my opinion, plain steamed okra cannot be salvaged.

After reading the Tip Hero responses, one stood alone. So I'll pass it on. An older lady set leftovers out on the counter just as her husband came home from work. He'd take one look, and suggest Applebee’s.

Hmm. I wonder what’s in the back of my fridge?

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