Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Tree

While walking down a dirt path through a wood, I noticed a massive tree splintered at the base and laying on the ground. It was in full leaf and the trunk looked perfectly intact. The surrounding trees stood upright. I wondered what freak accident could have hit it that hard to knock it over without damaging it’s companions. Until I came to the other side. A gash split the trunk top to bottom. The inside was riddled with termite holes and sawdust.

How many of us who claim to be Christians, allow termites to chew out our spiritual insides? Our bark looks tight and even. Our leaves sprout green and strong. Until a sudden gust knocks us flat. I thought of all the times I’ve said, “The kids are driving me bazonko!” Or of friends who’ve cut loose from the narrow way. Tough circumstances don’t make or break us. They just reveal what’s already there.

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