Thursday, November 25, 2010

Better Than I Deserve

John graduated high school by the grace of God and through the kindness of his teachers. One in particular walked him through that last year. A mentor, encourager, and solid example, Mr. Patterson gave John extra credit assignments to enable him to just-clear-the-last-hurdle.

It’s not that Mr. P’s life is easy. His wife is on the MS roller coaster, and wheelchair bound. He’s plagued with his own ailments. Their son is in the military, always in the thick of it. And since he teaches at a Christian school, he works a second job over school breaks to make ends meet.

So I caught him in the school parking lot a while back, and called to him. “How’re you doing Mr. P?”

“Better than I deserve”, he said.

How true.

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  1. How very true - when you least expect (or deserve it) God gives you a wink