Friday, October 8, 2010

Not a Normal Post

I was working on a rather heavy theological meditation about suffering and it’s place in a Christian’s life, but scrapped it, at least for this week, as it didn’t fit this blog’s stated aims. Instead I’d like to post two links for your joy and delight.

A fellow from California named Michael Janzen, is building a tiny home out of pallet wood. He sees the poetic justice of turning discards into something utilitarian. (Janzen has another blog called “Nine Tiny Feet” in which he explores the philosophy of space. Not for the claustrophobic.)

Along similar lines, and much more esthetically done, is the project four senior high drafting students took on last year. Maybe coming from North Carolina (think furniture) influenced their craftsmanship. Anyhow the tiny home is lovely. To get the full blog viewing benefit, start at the end (beginning chronologically) and read through.

Pleasant dreaming.

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