Friday, August 27, 2010

Twenty Ways to Improve Your Life

An inspiring article showed up on “In the Trenches” last week, and it got me thinking. We often beat ourselves up over lost opportunities or analyzing decisions to death. What 20 things can I do to make life better? With what I have on hand at this very moment?

1 Lose two pounds to start
2 Have a yard sale
3 Paint our bedroom closet
4 Re-veneer my desk top
5 Sand and paint our folding chairs
6 Repaint our bathroom a better color
7 Try a new recipe for bread
8 Finish Isaac’s quilt
9 Put the back on Ron’s needlepoint pillow
10 Start saving for a visit to Italy
11 Listen to music
12 Study my Italian CD’s
13 Do one thing each day just because it’s fun
14 Wake up to see a sunrise
15 Give the kids hugs
16 Give Art hugs
17 Memorize one really good Bible section
18 Throw pennies from the coin jar onto the sidewalk, and watch who picks them up
19 Soak in the tub with bubbles for an hour
20 Write a real letter to a friend

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