Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fall Grasses

Have you ever considered the subtle colors in grasses and shrubbery along the roadside as you drive by? Amazing variety. From reddish tints to golds and greys, softer greens and even some blue-purples. All of it looks great together without human intervention. Even though color changes come from death really, they show a richness not seen in spring or summer. Full of sap and shining in bright sun, summer grasses scream green, a green with so much yellow a painter can’t truly reproduce it.

Character beauty is revealed more in twilight times too. Wisdom, gentleness, peace, attach themselves to those who learn from life, embrace Christ, and know where they’re going. They can let go of the green, become part of the tapestry God is weaving, enjoy the last of the sun’s warm rays before winter, and anticipate spring. So even though it looks like everything’s dying, it’s actually coming closer to resurrection.


  1. Wonderful imagery; graceful language; theologically astute.